Thursday, January 27, 2005

Connecting to the outside

Carpenter & bassist Marty Jones finishes the Tango Center sign/mailbox, his collaboration with Demetrius Gonzalez, Olga Volchkova & myself. It's a practical public art project, in the tradition of Guimard's Metro Stations in Paris. It's a moral issue -- art shouldn't just be for galleries & private collections. It should be part of everyday life, on display for everyone to enjoy.

In this case, it's also part of our public service, to blur the boundary between the community center, and the community outside. This works pretty well already at night, when everyone can see people dancing inside. But during the day, unfortunately, there's no visibility, because we have tinted windows. So it's hard to see what the Tango Center's about. This should help. It also helps the poor postman, who had no place to put our mail.


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