Sunday, January 30, 2005

That's more like it

We've had two very big Saturdays in a row, 150 people or so. Last night, we were visited by a bevy of fine dancers from all over the west coast: Christopher, Caroline, Alex, Jaimes, Homer, Charity, Anna, Andrew, Stefan, Mitra, Greg, Stephen, Jane, Alejandro, et al: the usual suspects at any Tangofest in the country. They came to support our community effort. Very nice!

We have not held Tango Festivals here, because we've focussed on our major goal, which is to build the local community. To do that, we've been working on creating the highest-quality regular Milongas. Despite our success, I think that, to become a community institution, we need to get 200 local people here each Friday & Saturday night. The visiting dancers & musicians help the local community meet that goal, by adding to the excitement. Very gestalt, and very Tango.

With all those visitors, and a dance that lasted until 3am (!) it became obvious that we really need to finish building the Tango hostel upstairs. Homer mentioned that itinerant Tango people will pay for even a cot to sleep on. But we'd like to do much better than that.

So much to do! So exciting!


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