Thursday, May 26, 2005

Linking Milongas

Reviving the flow of social dance happens when you can get milongas to nicely link, one to the next. The last few weeks have been particularly nice, with the next night's events often announced at the end of the evening. We had three events at The Tango Center, one at the Buzz cafe at the University of Oregon, one at Cafe Perugino, and two practicas at Studio B.

Continuity publications help the chaining. We have a growing e-mail list, and our new, distributed in hard copy at milongas, lets people project their current joy and excitement into the future.

It's nice to see this flow. It really defines the community.

And it adds another layer to the Tango Gestalt: ... connect, creating a flow, with the earth & sky ... with your partner ... with to the music (and live musicians, if any) ... with the other couples ... with the river of people on the floor ... with the moments happening around you ... with the community ... and with the river of community gatherings.


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