Monday, June 13, 2005

Pretty flexible

We've been experimenting with three classes at once: a suite of lessons before the milonga.

Last week, we had an "Introduction from Zero" class, a "beginning/fundamentals" class, and an Intermediate class. I adjusted the scattered eight speakers continuously, depending on whether people were dancing or talking ... it's a somewhat confusing scene, and fun.

But this week, Evan Griffiths came to teach the Intermediate class, and found the Intro class was "follows" (mostly women ...) and the intermediate class was "leads" (mostly men ... ) so he thought it would be natural to merge them, and teach an Intermediate class, with a difficult but enlightening subject, where the double challenge was to lead a beginner to do it.

Interesting idea. It worked pretty well. It also shows that it's fun to break the routine, to make connections, at any level -- part of the improvisational nature of Tango.


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