Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Many non-profits charge a lot for admission (the Metropolitan Opera, for example).

But The Tango Center is an all-ages, non-profit community center, hosting world-class dances for the general public in Eugene for only $5. That's our mission, so we have to make up the difference somewhere. We've started with a fundraising auction, and over a hundred people gave their time, services & hard-earned cash to make it happen.

Everyone improvised for their roles that evening: bookkeeping, registration, auctioneering, showcasing, promoting, cooking, etc. It was quite exciting and a little exhausting. Next time, with a better understanding of the undertaking, we'll prepare more in advance. But is it any surprise that Tango people can pull off a high-quality event even when they've never done it before? Isn't that the nature of what we do? Isn't that what life should be about, to some degree?