Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Downtown Collective

Tango is about connection. So, a Tango Center needs to be about connection too. The TC is collectively run, so, naturally, we would like to see all of downtown Eugene collectively run.

Downtown Eugene is a neglected part of the City. This is why we launched the TC here -- to bring some life to the worst part of the city. But there are always "Urban Renewal" plans, attempts to destroy occupied older buildings and replace them with holes in the ground, hoping to attract private developers, to build newer empty buildings.

Our collective is pretty much tired of being threatened with destruction all the time. So we're proposing that all the tenants in the area band together to create a downtown eugene collective, whose job will be to enhance the existing organizations, and fill the empty space downtown with vibrant, substatial, and local actvity.

You can read about the Downtown Eugene Tenant's Collective proposal, which is being submitted to the City at a critical moment, here.