Sunday, October 21, 2007

No on 20-134

Since the ballots are arriving, I wanted to be clear, that if you live in Eugene, and want to save the Tango Center from the destruction of Urban Renewal, then please vote NO on Measure 20-134.

Urban Renewal is simply another government mechanism for the wealthy and powerful to profit -- at the expense of the taxpayer, the neighborhoods destroyed, and the people who may or may not inhabit the resulting construction.

The Council majority and the City planning department are not trustworthy -- they are responsible for the problems downtown. Many of us have spent years trying to get the City to spend tiny amounts of money to help fix the problems, but all the City cares about is "big projects". The reason is simple: their goal is to keep the "power players" in town happy, providing plush public projects, regardless of negative effect.

To fix this corruption, we'll need to continually to pressure the City, stop its every destructive move, and force public accountability, for years to come. This is just the first step.